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"What can you do in uni with this diploma?"

Anonymous asked: hello! I have a question regarding CCA! is the workload for this course too heavy for someone to pick up a CCA? :o

The curriculum has changed slightly, so we’re not entirely sure the workload is still manageable. But, you should know that it’s not about a heavy workload! It’s about learning to juggle. These years are going to prepare you for uni and work and life where you won’t get to choose if you can have extra activities. Don’t join a CCA for a sake of it. Join something that you’ll enjoy and will help you take your mind off work (:

Anonymous asked: A previous ask mentioned the orientation camp... Did they mean the optional freshmen camp or the compulsory orientation camp...?

DON’T BE LAZY, GET YO ASS TO BOTH CAMPS! It’ll be fun! (we would imagine)


Anonymous asked: hello! I was reading your post on which laptop to purchase and I was wondering which laptop the moderator of this blog is using! :) I was thinking of switching to a macbook pro but I already bought a new laptop months ago... Would I be losing out if I used a hp laptop instead? Also, do we have to purchase the programs used for the course ourselves? Sorry for the long ask, but thank you for reading it!

I USE A MAC (◠‿◠✿)

Anyhow, don’t waste money! Your brand new laptop will work just fine (: Like we mentioned, even if your laptop doesn’t support certain programmes, school has enough facilities to tide you over.

We’ve never had to buy any programs (except an OS update mac users had to pay for to run a program but it shouldn’t be a problem now) because students get software packages for free from the school! Like the Adobe CS6 Master Collection (although it might be CS7 in a bit) You get the whole package which costs about $3000 for FREE :D

Anonymous asked: Hey, just wondering, do you think its best to go for the orientation camp?

While we aren’t what you’d call social butterfliezzz………. we voted


Anonymous asked: is info tech considered nerdy?

Son, that’s where all the money is at. Why bother about what people’ll say or think? If you like it and will enjoy it, DO IT*! Info tech maneuvering is required by most companies in day to day operations! You’ll be vital, not nerdy. 

(*disclaimer: does not apply to acts of murder, violence or people hurting in general)

Anonymous asked: Hi! The year 1s will be purchasing laptops soon. Any handy tips on what type of laptop to purchase? (Brand, memory space, etc) :) thanks!

HIHI! Which laptop?


It doesn’t matter ^ that’s all you’re going to be doing on it.

Ehehehe, JK! Welllll, the industry standard (as far as we know) is a Mac. Also, on your course list/school IT show, there will be displays that say that a MacBook Pro (MBP) is the recommended brand for DTVM. (However, you don’t have to adhere!)

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