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"What can you do in uni with this diploma?"

Anonymous asked: Thanks for the answer! So after completing this course, what possible paths can I take?

Most of us who complete this course will wind up working for NASA. Some classmates are actually undergoing astronaut selection and training right now!

Now, this page was reallllllly difficult to find but we found it just for you despite all the logging work we have to do for the Opportunity Rover and we hope it enlightens you: (don’t worry, it’s not space garbage - it’s legit).

writing tip #761:


your characters are fictional, so why should their mannerisms have to be physically possible? wouldn’t they be much more interesting if they started to hover when having in-depth conversations, or grew a large moustache when enraged?

Anonymous asked: Hi. Just wondering what the present or past moderators are doing after studying dtvm in SP. :) this blog is awesome btw..

Mod #1
Hello. I currently run the biggest drug ring in Singapore. I’m terribly inactive as a moderator because I’m very busy running the biggest drug ring in Singapore. Cheers. 

Mod #2
Good Evening. Bounty Hunter. Obstacles obliterated, nuisances eradicated, bothersome limbs removed and tutelary dentistry. Skol!

Mod #3

Apologies, lads. I have barely been able to keep up with this blog, what with my duties as a warrior Viking queen. Got a little distracted with the burning and pillaging. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, and all that. Well. Back to work then. 


scenes you love that you can’t find a way to include in your story



bamt-lo22 asked: whats the best book you've ever read?



Questions not to ask in DTVM part 1

Anonymous asked: Year One to be here. If I were to go for the internship after poly, where would it be?


EH? Internship after poly? We suppose…wherever…you…want?? 

If you meant the internship in year 3 - which is still part of the academic year and REQUIRES YOU TO PAY SCHOOL FEES (seriously SP!?) - then it depends on what you’ve enjoyed doing in the past years.

You will most probably have 4 choices - Journalism, Production, General Writing and New Media (if we remember correctly). You can number them according to which one you prefer the most. HOWEVER, the lecturers are very much like the P5 states in the UN - they can veto your choices and put you wherever they think you’ll do best in.

Anonymous asked: Anon with all the answers: thanks! You and I are already friends ok? *wink*


Anonymous asked: To the anon who asked about the Adobe apps! I called the school and they told me that some of the useful apps would be photoshop, bridge, acrobat and premiere pro! that was what I managed to catch when having a conversation with the teacher! Hope that helps! :)


Anonymous asked: Hey! Soon to be year one student (and students) would like to know which Adobe apps to download..? :)

Yo! Chill man. The lecturers will let you know when the time comes. Don’t sweat it. You have 3 years to go! Pace yourself and take things as they come (: