the unofficial guide to dtvm

"What can you do in uni with this diploma?"


Here, you’ll find valuable information about how to submit posts and the regulations you should follow. 

Submitting a post - be it a photo, text or video - can be just a click away, but we encourage contributors and moderators to follow the format we’ve drawn out. 


FOR TEXT - applies to quotes, overheard conversations, an interesting anecdote

Title: “[Quote/Overheard/Anecdote]”

Body: [Where did you here it from/who said it/where we could probably say it] 


[Upload Photo]

Caption: [Any comments/Who is the picture/Location/Event]

We request that all pictures have captions. 


[Upload Video]

Caption: [Any comments/Who is in the video/Location/Event]

We request that all videos have captions. 


Below the photo, video or text body, write in your comments and thoughts in a few lines, and you’re set to share it! 

These guidelines can also be found here.


Please also note that ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED (2013). Please do not use any of the photos or material here without permission on platforms (digital or tangible).

…Okay fine, we did MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS so we were just showing muscle but you know.

At least ask first.

If you’re shy and introverted, then at the very least credit this Tumblr, bitches.