the unofficial guide to dtvm

"What can you do in uni with this diploma?"

Anonymous asked: So i got the DPA interview for this course and they told me to prepare a portfolio. Would poems that I wrote count as written work?

Hiya! Congratulations on being selected!! Yes, please do showcase all creative material you’ve done (that you are proud of because the interview panel will ask questions). Paintings, drawings, photographs, short iphone films, short stories, long stories, poems, designs, music pieces — GO FOR IT (: Good luck!

Anonymous asked: What are some bad points about this course?

Bad points?


No. No bad points. 

No such thing as bad points in DTVM. We are awesome. We are brilliant. We are fun and cool and…

Ok, fuck it. Fine. 

Yes, of course. Every polytechnic diploma has it bad points. It’s subjective, in the end. Ask any of us and we will all have our own individual criticism about DTVM.

But here. Let me just give you a general overview on some of our major complains:

1) Not enough writing


Now, this is something that many people have been bitching about. A lot of my fellow classmates have complained that we didn’t do enough writing for this course. 

In a sense, they’re right. DTVM is not solely about writing. It can’t be. Writing alone is not entirely lucrative. Becoming a novelist or a screenwriter depends a lot on luck. It’s not a reliable field, like accounting, or medicine. It’s not something your mum would recommend. 

That’s why DTVM is, in a sense, multi-faceted. The course tends to focus more on making your writing skills employable. It teaches you how to write for different mediums, and thus, go beyond the page. You learn how to write for film, for games, for newspapers, for websites, blah, blah, blah…basically, it makes you more useful in the job market. It gives you a wider skill set. 

I admit it though. I wish we had more writing. Even though becoming a novelist or a playwright is not entirely profitable, I wish I had been trained a little more in this area. 

Still. I can turn on a camera now. That’s something. 

(No, but really. I can film. I can edit. I’m awesome. Hire me). 

2) Poor-ass Bitches

Ok, this complain is admittedly outdated. In the past couple of years, DTVM has gotten more funding from the polytechnic. In my final year, we got to use iPads, and travel a little further for our overseas filming module. We got the Writer’s Room too. 

But still. We’re no NP Mass Comm. 

As a small course, we still have a pretty low budget. There are not enough fancy cameras for everyone. Our Writer’s Room does rock ass BUT it is not nearly as big or as high-tech as some of the other courses’. Please don’t expect fancy-ass trips to Japan or Paris. DTVM is not rich.

This is getting better though. Back in my day, we didn’t get to go to Melbourne, or have better cameras in year 1. The course is getting better funding as the years go on. 

Besides, having a lower budget isn’t always a bad thing. In the future, you might end up working on a low-budget indie film, or a small, niche magazine. Take this as training, people. 


Anonymous asked: HEYYYYYYY SO ADMINS/MODS, what are you all studying now? or working as?

Viking Queen: 

Well, my love, I won’t speak for my other mods. I’ll let them answer the question themselves. 

As I have already mentioned before, I am currently travelling the north, raiding and pillaging as a viking queen. However, in my downtime, I study at the University of Melbourne.  I am an second-year undergrad, majoring in History and Politics. 

Just so you know, DTVM is affiliated to this university. You can indeed get credit exemptions, especially if you pursue film or journalism here. You can also get exemptions under different art majors - just as I did. If you are interested in coming over to the University of Melbourne (trust me, its fucking awesome), just have a chat with one of your lecturers. You can also check out this site :  

Look at me, shamelessly promoting my school. 

Ah, fuck it. Melbourne is an amazing city, and I love it here. The university is tough, challenging and a little bit like Hogwarts. Overall, I’m having a blast. 

So yes. Next please. 

Anonymous asked: do you immediately get job offers after completing this course? i'm worried about job prospects

Well, little sunshine flower person…no. Not everyone gets jobs immediately after poly. 

And before you even think about blaming DTVM for that…let me just enlighten you with a little fun fact that I just recently learnt. 

Life after school sucks.

A lot of kids our age are having problems finding jobs in their chosen field. The job market is extremely competitive these days, even the film industry. A friend is mine, who graduated with a science degree, is currently waiting tables (not that there is anything wrong with it, of course).

The point is, yes. Yes, its going to be hard. Jobs are not easy to find, for almost every field. 

That being said, I do know DTVM seniors who got jobs immediately after graduating. Some of them got positions through their internship. Others made friends in the right places, or are just very good at getting what they want.

In the end, its really up to you. DTVM really does give you a great background for journalism, film, new media, and every other sector of the media industry. We were truly trained well. 

But after graduation, its all up to you. You decide how you want to proceed with your career. You decide whether people call you up for jobs or not. 

The world is tough, kid. What can I say?